MY SECRET SPOT that actually has the name The secret sidewalk.No kidding huh! This abandoned but safe hiking spot has some enigma attached to it. Be it the half buried tunnel or the railroad running along a stand alone bridge, its rusty, dark and somehow yet enchanting. Who does not love to disappear into a place like this which constantly throws surprises your way. Honestly this place has seen it all.My happy moments, days where I didn't feel so great, days where I just wanted to be alone, away from the world. When you first start walking along the sidewalk you will see a bizarre mix of things. In the beginning of the sidewalk there is a  small flowing waterbody. I have seen people cooling themselves off near the water during summer. Then you come to a railroad under a rundown bridge and if you walk further, you will find an open space, home to a lot of species(including a small cute little bird family). If you are in the mood for a little adventure you can hike your way to the top. There are ropes in the very steep sections of the hike to help you climb up. If you keep walking on the bridge you will come to the view of open fields and view of the beautiful mountains.


Some things to keep in mind if you do decide to explore the place 

  • Wildlife live here please be mindful of their space.
  • Being gloves, to help you keep safe at this time and also the climb up can be hard on your hands.
  • Please be cautious near the railroads. It is a functional track and there are occasional trains that may pass by.
  • Certain places can be slippery especially during the wet season, wear good shoes and take utmost care.

How to get there:

To find the entrance to this place can be a little tricky. Make sure you are on the Mission blvd and take a right at the intersection of Mission and turn into the Nile Canyon road. Take the first right ( you will see a board as shown in the picture) drive a little into the canyon road and keep going straight until you find a big red gate with a sign “No parking anytime”. Climb into the gate and enjoy the walk!


Important Note:

This place was supposed to be demolished by the owner but as of September 2020, it is still standing exactly the way it is. They have added some trespassing signs that overlap private properties so please make sure to follow the rules!


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